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PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 9:16 pm 
SBU Wiki Team
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SpecWeb is a command line (windows console) version of the SPEC stereo to surround tool from It is designed to be faster and easier to use than the full “Spec” version, and does not require Plogue Bidule.
SpecWeb also has an html5 “web” user interface, which works with chrome, firefox, iOS, android, and windows 10 edge browsers. You can control SpecWeb from a browser on the same computer or on any computer or supported device on your local network. For instance, you could sit in your home theatre listening position and control SpecWeb with an iPad.
It’s a great way to get started in making your own upmixes as all you have to do is drag and drop a lossless stereo file onto the SpecWeb icon and you get a 5.1 multichannel file in seconds.
While not all of the “knobs” from the full “Spec” version have been included, the most important ones are here and you can adjust them while you listen to the song, just as you can in the full version, then “record” the results.

See the License section of the guide for details but SpecWeb is “Donation ware” for personal use. Please donate to keep SpecWeb development alive. There is a paypal donate button in the web interface. As well as here:

SpecWeb 1.5 Download:

SpecWeb Is not licensed for commercial use

*IE does NOT work.
Windows XP is not supported

SpecWeb Discussion here:

Ambiance Extraction - crossfade and add
Flipped outputs option in playback (to focus on Ambiance in center during playback)
Unicode File Name Handling
Console parameter changes updates update web interface
Display sample rate and bit depth for input and output files (all stages)
Display dBTP for surround (if dynamics measurement is on – slower processing)
Fix bug where x values ever so slightly above 1/-1 causing distortion in flac
Speed ups and command line options to defeat some of the new features
Robust code to protect against 5.1 limiter VST crashes
New “Commands Cheat Sheet” pdf in install directory

-6 command line flag will make and keep per track VST log files
-d (keep temp files) flag also leaves a per song log file of the internals of the VST retry stuff. That file is not created at all without -d (or -6).
-V to turn on/off dynamics measurements. With VST in use, loudness measurements are still taken during conversion (but no true peak). With VST not in use, and -V0, no dynamics measurements are taken. Default is currently -V0 (off).

-k to turn on/off clipping detection. This doesn't really save any time, other than if clipping is detected in the VST step, it repeats (with less aggressive settings, until clipping goes away. -k0 would be equivalent to 1.41, -k1 is currently the default. Whether one can hear the "clipping" probably depends on how high end your system is, etc. The whole clipping detection exercise was driven by a bug that caused massive clipping, only ever found in one track, and as far as I know no one ever complained about clipping/distortion in the VST previously.
Few cosmetic improvements to help you identify windows and such when running multiple copies at once. Process IDs are used in VST window titles and "finished processing" dialogs.

Tracks are numbered and referred to by number as necessary. Track number shows in the "red" line as each track starts. Track numbers add to the file names of temp files.
For torture testing only - a "-sx" option, where x is the number of seconds of the track to process (will be off by the size of the buffer for that sample rate so -s6 might give ~12 seconds, etc
"Live" function works again (I recommend for this VB-Audio software cables for this).
Speed up (at least when using usevst=nogui, which is now the default)
Auto dispatch of cpu optimized code
Base requirement is an x86 CPU with SSE2 instructions set (same as recent versions of SpecWeb)
If you have a newer Intel CPU that supports AVX you'll get optimized code for that. If you have an even newer Intel CPU that supports AVX2 you'll get optimized code for that and yes AMD CPUs work (as long as they support SSE2, but they won't get any faster code. Blame Intel)

New Features:

Using the new defaults and the Master 5.1 Limiter VST, the loudness of the surround now matches the loudness of the Original Stereo to less than 1 dB of difference, for most songs. “Transients in the rears” are also more gracefully handled with automatic settings of the mastering VST.

New command line option -vx to turn vst on/off (on by default)
-vx = Use 5.1 Master Limiter (Pre Zag) if x=1 don't use if x=0 (Requires Zag, default is use Limiter)

The limiter is now “pre” ZAG, vs. Post.

The Master 5.1 Limiter is now visible so you can see its operation.

Ebur128_loudness and true peak utility in \Install\bin

Bug Fixes:
Many. ?;0)

New Features:
Save As ini dialog starts in current song directory and other improvements to the Save As dialog
Record All button in Web interface
Song Title and Play Status in Web interface
Increase process priority of Play and increase Play buffer size
(helps on slower or CPU overloaded systems

Bug Fixes:
Crash on center width = 0 fixed
Fftsize = auto not being saved in ini files fixed
Rotation direction fixed
Long absolute silence at beginning of track could cause crash fixed
Edge Browser Fix for Edge stopped responding if no control touched in a while fixed1.3 Changes from 1.2

Updated guide to cover below new features.

New Experimental Features for users:

1) Post Zag processing (optional) with Free Master Limiter 5.1 VST

2) Rotation of Sound Field

3) Windowed metering mode, vs. whole song – in play mode only, in command line and web gui only

4) Constant Amplitude Panning vs. Constant Power Panning option

5) (not really experimental) Speaker Angles are now exposed/settable

Bug Fixes

fftsize using ranges rather than exact values

e.g. 176.4KHz was using wrong fft size

New Command Line flags

-6x = Post ZAG VST limiter threshold (default off/none).
If present, AND ZAG is used, sets the post ZAG limiter threshold
to x dB below the loudest peak in the track (suggested starting value is -3).

-Dx = Set ArcTan Direction or Pan Mode 0 = Constant Power 1 = Constant Amplitude (default

-8x = Set ArcTan Image Rotation (-180 to +180) to x degrees (default 0).

-7v,w,x,y,z Speaker angles in degrees CCW from zero (straight ahead). LF,RF,C,LS,RS.
Default is ITU 5.1 angles 30,330,0,110,250.

-9 (Hidden for AudioMuxer) Don’t use console, flush buffers

New ini settings

;This allows you to use a 5.1 Mastering VST as a 3rd pass, post ZAG (ZAG must be used for this to
;The intent is to make the overall loudness of the 5.1 track more like that of the original stereo.
;At the current time only one VST is supported, and only one parameter, the threshold, can be
;but in the future more options may be available, such as specifying your own VST(s) and
;The VSTHost software I'm using is giving a slightly different output file size, vs. the input. This is
one reason
;why this is "EXPERIMENTAL" at this point. I am bugging the author to fix it.
;Note that you won't see the VST GUI or be able to make adjustments (other than the threshold
parameter below).
;Again, to use this you must also be using ZAG.
;5.1 Master Limiter Threshold
;threshold is where the limiter will kick in. The default is 3dB below the loudest peak in any
;so if you put -3 here, and ZAG gives you a zero dB loudest peak, then the limiter threshold will
be set to
;-3db. Another example would be if you are using ZAG matchlevel=yes, and you get a quiet song
with a peak level of -10dB
;-3 here would set the limiter to a threshold of -13dB. This will give you consistent amounts of
limiting for any song level.
;rotation (experimental) rotates the surround sound filed up to +/- 180 degrees
;this can be useful if the stereo has vocals or other things that you want centered
;panned hard left or right.
;default is 0
;panmode can be CPP for Constant Power Panning or CAP for Constant Amplitude Panning
;This refers to how ArcTan places sounds between surround speakers
;default is CPP Constant Power Panning
;Speaker angles in your playback setup
;LFE is non directional so isn't considered here.
;speakerangles=LF,RF,C,LS,RS where the angles are in degrees counter clockwise from zero, zero
being directly
;in front of the listening position, so the Center Speaker angle would normally be zero.
;The defaults are the ITU recommended positions for 5.1 surround.
;If you are making upmixes for yourself, and for one particular surround setup, you will get the best results
;by setting the speaker angles to match your surround setup.
;If you are making upmixes for others, and you don't know their setup, it is best to stick with ITU angles
;Another use for this is if you wanted to make quad upmixes, you will want to set the angles for a quad setup
;such as a square, 45,315,0,135,225 (and set the centerwidth=0)

1.2 Changes from 1.1

ini and command line options changes to support integration with AudioMuxer and QQ Helper
Bug fixes
Output file length now exactly equals input file length
Save of arctan+slice in ini files fixed

1.1 Changes from 1.0

Guide updated
File names of mono files corrected.
Verbiage in ini file and usage notes adjusted
ZAG Norm only gains - let the original stereo mix determine the channel to channel levels
ZAG Match Song Levels - the new default, specifies the ZAG output level match that of the original song
Auto FFT Size based on sample rate - the new default (unless you keep your old ini files)
Support for multiple instances - run multiple copies of SpecWeb (not play!) at once
Bug fixes

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