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PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 1:16 pm 
SBU Wiki Team
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There was the question whether it is possible to convert the BD-Audio DTS-HD MA into a DVD-Video format. So Pl4yitLOUD went through some free-ware applications (DVDFlick, AVS2DVD, Avi2DVD), but there was always something not possible, like for example not able to read from blu-ray directly and having to convert the blu-ray first into a MKV container, to discover then that the application did not keep the DTS stream and/or chapter points were difficult or even impossible to add.

So he then settled then for ConvertXtoDVD,, which is a commercial alternative. This is his guide (ConvertXtoDVD 3, current version is 5).

This guide will cover the following sections:

Mounting a blu-ray ISO
You need to have Daemon Tools installed (here or better, the free Slysoft Virtual CloneDrive (here, which is considered the most compliant with respect to the blu-ray format.
Mount the blu-ray ISO with one of these tools.

Remark that if you have WinXP then you’ll first need to install an UDF 2.5 driver to read the blu-ray format. For Vista this is not needed. The Toshiba UDF 2.5 driver can be found on the FTP Server (under Software) with instructions on how to install it on a non-Toshiba machine.
Restart your machine after the installation.

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Extracting chapter points from blu-ray
In the event that the chapter points have not been communicated, there is a simple way to retrieve them.
Download tsMuxeR from here and extract the zip to a folder of your choice and execute the tsMuxerGUI application.
In the main panel (not shown), click on the Add button and a dialog box will appear. As shown here below, go to the mounted ISO and browse to the directory BDMV/PLAYLIST. Select the playlist file (.mpls) and click on "Open".

Go now to the “Blu-ray” tab and there you will find the chapter points. You can decide to leave tsMuxeR open and to copy the chapter points one-by-one from the list into ConvertXtoDVD or to first copy them all in notepad and then to proceed to copy them into ConvertXtoDVD.

Note: TsMuxeR can also automatically convert the DTS-HD track to DTS. Select only the audio track (see 1.) and click on it. Select then “Downconvert DTS-HD to DTS” (see 2.) and “Demux” (see 3.) the audio stream to a folder of your choice (see 4.). This is not needed for ConvertXtoDVD (see later), but this could be useful for other applications that need the (core) DTS stream that is embedded in the DTS-HD track.

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Setting up ConvertXtoDVD (one-time only)
Click on "Settings" button in the toolbar on the top and make following changes prior to loading your input file. This will only have to be done once since ConvertXtoDVD will re-use these settings for future projects.

In “General” select your Working Folder.
Optionally, deselect the “Check internet for updates regularly” check box and select the “Do not prompt for updates” one (see below).

In “Chapters” deselect both check boxes, i.e. “Create Chapter every” and “For titleset longer than”.

In “DVD menus”, select the “Auto-start playback” and “Skip root menu initially” check boxes.

In “Audio”, deselect the “Convert DTS to AC-3” check box in order to retain the DTS stream. Please remark that a DVD-Video with only 1 DTS Audio stream is not compliant to the DVD-V standard. However, most DVD Players will play the DVD-V disc without a problem. This guide will not explain how to add an additional AC3 or LPCM stream to the DVD-V in order to make it compliant.

In “Burning” you can decide to burn the VIDEO_TS output directly to DVD or ISO. Optionally, deselect the check box in front of “Send burn statistics to VSO online database”.

In “DVD specification” you can select the video output format. Set to NTSC in this example.

In “Encoding”, select “Low quality” for the video, since the video on the BD-Audio disc is only containing black frames, so it is not that important to have it in high quality and moreover, choosing a low quality will speed up the conversion process. Select also the DVD Target size, which is set to DVD-5 in the example.

Optionally, in “Sound events” you can turn of all sounds.

Back to the Top

Using ConvertXtoDVD to convert from BD to DVD
From the “File” menu, select “Add video file(s)”.

Go to the mounted ISO and browse to the directory BDMV/STREAM. Select the video stream (.m2ts) and click on "Open".

If you have followed correctly the set-up ConvertXtoDVD procedure, then the only thing that is still needed is to add the chapter points (one-by-one unfortunately, but it goes quite fast).
In the ConvertXtoDVD tree view list expand the “Titleset...” entry.
Right-click on “Chapter” and select “Add Chapter”

Copy/paste now the first entry (different from 00:00:00.000) from the tsMuxeR chapter list or from notepad into the “Chapter start time” box and hit "OK".

Add all remaining chapter points in the same way.
Once done, hit the “Convert” button. The conversion process will take approximately 10min for 1.5hours of AV material.

Important: Please beware that for DVD the chapter points will be converted in frame-seconds as the lowest time unit for DVD, which is not as accurate as the milliseconds time format of the blu-ray chapter points. So the chapter mark will not exactly be at the same time position compared to the one on the original audio blu-ray. The DVD conversion of the ELP BD-Audio, for example, was quite acceptable with respect to the chapter marks, but there could be problems on other conversions due to this time format-conversion limitation.

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2009-07-19 : First version of the guide published (Pl4yit)
2009-07-20 : Updated with image references of the server (Pl4yit)

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:43 pm 
SBU Wiki Team
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A bit of background information.

DTS-HD MA statnds for DTS High Definition Master Audio. It is a loss-less format (meaning no loss of quality) and can deliver multiple channels from 5.1 to 7.1 and beyond.

It can be delivered via either AVCHD (essentially BluRay disk format on DVD media) or BluRay Discs and requires a BluRay player or Software Player capable of DTS-HD MA.

It is also backwards compatible, in that if you don't have DTS-HD MA capability, your player should be able to play the DTS "core" with the same quality as on DVDs (Regular DTS, as on DVD and DTS CDs is a lossy format, meaning some quality is lost in the encoding/decoding process).

That also means that the DTS "core" can be extracted and used to make a DVD version of the AVCHD or BluRay containing DTS-HD MA. That's the purpose of the above guide.

If you don't have a BluRay player, or like me, can play DVDs in the Car but not BluRay/AVCHD, you can still make DVD versions and play those. Yes, the quality will not be as good, but it will be as good as DVDs allow.

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