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 Post subject: AudioMuxer
PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:52 pm 
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This Wiki entry is dedicated to AudioMuxer, a tool written for the surround music audio enthusiast.
It has been my personal project for the last couple of months of trying to develop a tool that would be extremely easy to use for creating a music DVD, AVCHD, Blu-ray or MKV, with a special focus on multi-channel surround audio formats.

The following topics will be covered:

AudioMuxer functionality
  • AudioMuxer can generate a DVD, MPG or MKV files from MP3, Flac, (multi-channel) Wav, LPCM, DTSWav, DTS, DTS Master Audio, DTS Hi-Res, AC3, TrueHD, AAC or ALAC audio tracks.
    MKV files can be exported to AVCHD or Blu-ray, and an ISO file can be created from the DVD, AVCHD or Blu-ray structure.
    Audio tracks can be split with a CUE sheet and images can be selected that will be shown during playback. These images can be encoded in a NTSC/PAL or HD 720p/1080p video format.
    (click to enlarge image)

  • A toolbox is available to convert MP3, Flac, (multi-channel) Wav, Wave64, WavPack, LPCM, DTSWav, DTS, DTS Master Audio, DTS Hi-Res, AC3, TrueHD, MLP audio files to AC3, DTS, DTSWav, DTS-HD, AAC, ALAC, LPCM/Mono-wav or Flac files. Up- and downsampling is available as well as down- and upmixing. For the latter SpecWeb (hosted as well on this forum) will be used.
    (click to enlarge image)

  • There is also the possibility to read a playlist file from a non-encrypted Blu-ray or DVD-Video and to extract the (HD) audio from it.
    (click to enlarge image)

  • An option to join Wav/Flac files is available.
    (click to enlarge image)

  • An option to merge mono-channel wav/flac files to multi-channel wav or flac.
    (click to enlarge image)

  • An option to convert AC3/DTS files to SPDIF Wav/Flac (useful for streaming audio from PC over SPDIF connection and for tagging AC3/DTS files).
    (click to enlarge image)

  • And an option to change the volume of Wav/Flac files.
    (click to enlarge image)

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AudioMuxer is freeware and will run on any Windows machine with .Net installed (Version 4 Client Profile). It has been successfully tested on Windows XP (as of SP2), Windows Vista, Windows 7 and above.
Until v1.0.0.0 is announced, the current versions of AudioMuxer are still beta versions, meaning that there could be still some bugs in there. Should you come across some, then please do not hesitate to report them here.

AudioMuxer can be downloaded from the following link. There is also a PDF User Guide available. It is highly recommended to read the User Guide before installing or running AudioMuxer.
Consult also the Changelog for the log of changes made to AudioMuxer.

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Important Notes
  • As you will see in the credits section, AudioMuxer uses a lot of already existing software and the biggest challenge was to make them work together.
    In the event that a functionality was missing or not working in one of these underlying applications, a workaround has been coded to make it work.
    However some things could not be (easily) fixed and there are a couple of remarks sections in the User Guide dedicated to some of the shortcomings you will have to live with.
  • Eac3to has the possibility to use the commercially available Minnetonka SurCode DVD DTS Encoder and the ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre DTS Decoder. However, there will be no support provided here on how to make it work with this commercial software.

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AudioMuxer has been created using the following software:
  • AviSynth, copyright (c) AviSynth development team at
  • MediaInfo, copyright (c) SARL
  • HCenc, copyright (c) hank315
  • x264, copyright (c) x264 development team at
  • Muxman Demo version, copyright (c) SoundWare Associates
  • BatchMux, copyright (c) Sir Didymus
  • mkvmerge & mkvextract, copyright (c) Moritz Bunkus
  • Eac3to, copyright (c) Mathias Rauen
  • OggDec, copyright (c) John Edwards
  • spdifer, copyright (c) Alexander Vigovsky <
  • SoX, copyright (c) Chris Bagwell and SoX Contributors
  • metaflac, copyright (c) Josh Coalson
  • tsMuxeR, copyright (c) SmartLabs LLC
  • ImgBurn, copyright (c) LIGHTNING UK!
  • Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition, copyright (c) Microsoft
  • Inno Setup, copyright (c) Jordan Russell
  • ISTool, copyright (c) Bjørnar Henden
  • 7-Zip, copyright (c) Igor Pavlov
  • Fugue Icons, copyright (c) Yusuke Kamiyamane
  • Stack Blur Algorithm, copyright (c) Mario Klingemann <
Many thanks to the author(s) and copyright owner(s) for their great software. Many thanks also to Keyser and RdC for their testing and fresh ideas.
Also special thanks to Doom9 and for being real knowledge centers on this and various other topics.
Last but not least also a big Thank You! to the community for their inspiration and continuous support.

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Click Here for Comments, Feedback and Discussion

2010-02-08 : Initial Version published in Wiki
2010-02-09 : Image references updated and some small updates made to the text
2010-02-16 : Item added related to merging mono-channel wav files
2010-02-24 : Reference added to DVD-Video audio extraction and images updated
2010-03-15 : Images updated. Credits list updated
2010-05-26 : Image and text updated related to merging mono-channel flac files
2010-10-03 : Credits list updated
2010-11-15 : Reference added to SPDIF conversion and credits list updated
2011-01-29 : Credits list updated
2011-04-14 : Added .Net version required
2011-06-10 : Updated that the .Net v4 Framework (Client Profile) is needed as of version
2017-03-08 : Various updates, incl. TrueHD, SpecWeb references

This page is Copyrighted © 2011,
AudioMuxer, Copyright © 2009-2017, Pl4yit

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