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 Post subject: Hi there!
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:18 pm 
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Hi all and thanks in advance for all the help you're going to give me ! :)

I'm here for one main reason recently i bought my Acura TL 2009 with an ELS Sound System so now i can listen to music in DOlby Digital 5.1 and i love it !!!
One main problem is that it's only availabe trought DVD-Audio which is not a problem for me since i'm able to convert my DVD Music Show in DD 5.1 and listen to them in my car but i will allso like to do the same with my collection of Music CD since High Definition music is rare on the web.

For starting correctly i already have all the needed software installed ans working and now i would like to know how to convert my music. I read many guide and watch a couple of video but can't find a good basic starting point with all the detailed step involve in creating my first Upmix. One more question is how to you basiclly adjust the sound paramater i mean by that do you listen live to the music or just read the monitor graph ?

I'm basic into this so i need a good basic starting point.

Happy to be part of all that !!!!

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 Post subject: Re: Hi there!
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:12 pm 
SBU Wiki Team
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Your car system supports Dolby but not DTS? That seems odd. DTS is a better sounding surround format than DD. Understanding exactly what formats and media types would be important before you jump in to converting things.

In anycase we're here to help.

For adjusting things yes you need to live monitor. Once you have things set the way you want them then you can set edit-->offline processing and make your recording.

As to what to adjust and how, I suggest the "how to win with ArcTan - a mini guide", which you can read in the pdf instructions or here:

The full work flow for doing a conversion look like this (I'll assume cd source and DVD output)

1) Using audiomuxer or foobar2000, convert your individual cd tracks to one wav file and a cue file. Also resample to 48Khz 24bits.

2) in Spec, set the sample rate (edit --> prefrences --> dsp settings ) to 48000.
3) load the single wav file into the audio file player
4) open the cue file in a text editor (notepad) and copy and paste the whole file into ZAG, and set ZAG to measure levels
5) Check the Plogue processing is NOT set to offline (edit --> offline processing) and that processing is on ("On/Off" button in the top row of buttons at the top of Plogue)
6) Connect your audio output device to the output of ZMon
7) Play your file and make your settings (Spec and then ZAG)
8) turn processing off and set processing to offline
9) reset the audio file player to the beginning and press play
10) turn processing on
11) After the audio file finishing playing, turn processing off again and set ZAG to apply gains. Pick and output file in Zmeter recorder, and press play again in the audio file player.
12) turn processing on, your recording will start
13) You will end up with 5 mono files in this order (by numbered filename): LF, RF, C, LFE, LS, RS.
14) use your dts or DD encoder to create a single encoded file
15) use audiomuxer to make your dvd.


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 Post subject: Hi there
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 8:23 am 

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Feel free to PM if you are ever in town. Happy to say hello, and take you to KJ Audio...know all the guys there very well.

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